Our Beliefs

Immanuel’s beliefs are based on our Denominational (Baptist) distinctives:

  1. The Lordship of Jesus Christ: Jesus is the incarnate expression of God, head of the church, our Saviour and our example.
  2. Separation of Church and State: the state should not interfere with religious practices – the church answers to a higher authority
  3. Sufficiency of Scripture for matters of faith and practice: the Bible is the authoritative word of God and our ultimate guide for behaviour.
  4. The Priesthood of all believers: each individual Christ-follower has been given gifts to do ministry in Jesus’ name – each has direct access to God through Christ and has no need of a human “mediator.”
  5. Soul Liberty: each individual has the right before God to seek the Holy Spirit’s leading in all matters – we do not “enforce” beliefs on others.
  6. Regenerate Church membership: membership is a voluntary association with an individual church through the personal testimony of faith in Christ.
  7. Ordinances as symbols of spiritual realities: we practice baptism and communion as “ordinances” – directives of Jesus.
  8. Fellowship with others: while each Baptist Church is autonomous we gladly associate with sister churches, provincially, nationally and globally.
  9. World Mission: we have a commitment to living out the Great Commission globally and “sending out” our people to share the Good News.

If you would like to learn more about the beliefs that are distinctive to Canadian Batpists, click here for information on what is discussed in the course "Baptism and Church Membership".


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