Toronto, Canada and the World

Living in the wonderfully diverse city of Toronto we are uniquely placed to live out the vision of “Gathering the nations to reach the nations.”  We are working to see this happen through each of us personally, through ministries designed to serve our community and in partnership with other Christian ministries. Immanuel supports with prayer and finances the work of various ministries as well as long and short-term missionaries in several countries.

Local Ministries

  • The Alpha Course explores key questions about Christian faith. Click here to find out more.
  • Our English as a Second Language Friendship Ministry welcomes and assists many new Canadians. Click here to learn more.
  • We have a ministry to the large number ofinternational Students living in our community. Click here if you have an interest in this ministry.
  • Concern that children in our community be given opportunity to improver their literacy skills motivated the development of our Reading Circle. Click here for a description of the ministry and to find out how to become a reading buddy.

City Partnerships

  • Camp KwasindDeveloping and nurturing Christian faith and relationships through an effective camping program north of Toronto. Click here to learn more about the Kwasind ministry which is led by David Scott, one of our members.
  • Matthew HouseA place of hope at the end of the refugee highwaywww.matthewhouse.ca
  • Oasis Dufferin Community CentreProviding emergency services and skills training to over 1,000 families in the West Downtown Toronto area.  www.oasisdufferin.org
  • Toronto Baptist MinistriesTogether in Christ reaching the world gathered in Toronto. Click here to find out about the ministry of TBM.
  • Yonge Street MissionCalled to demonstrate God’s love, peace and justice to people living in economic, social and spiritual poverty in Toronto.  www.ysm.ca

National Partnerships

  • Canadian Baptists of Ontario and QuebecTransforming leaders, churches and communities. www.baptist.ca  
  • InterVarsity Christian FellowshipAn evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide. Click here to learn about our connection with this ministry.
  • International Student MinistryDedicated to serving the many needs of international students. Click here to find out about Immanuel's partnership with International Student Ministries.
  • North America Indigenous Ministries (NAIM): Serving with First Nations to Reach All Nations Click here to find out about the Austring family's ministry with native Canadians in Alberta.

Global Partnerships

  • Canadian Baptist MinistriesThe mission and relief and development agency of Canadian Baptists.  Click here to learn more about the ministry of Jim and Diane McBeth in Bolivia
  • International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES): A networking community of nationally-led student movements, committed to being partners in global student witness. Click here to find out about the ministry of Remi Tobler to students in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • NavigatorsDedicated to helping people navigate spiritually, to know Christ and to make Him known. Click here to learn about the minsitry of Don and Ruth Passi in Chile.

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