Camp on the Block (COTB) is a ministry that Immanuel has been providing for a number of years.  It provides first jobs for high school and university students!  It also provides for a low cost summer day camp for children in the area as well as other community and youth activities.

This year, Immanuel is not receiving the government grant that funded the staffing costs for this program.  We need to raise $9,050 to pay the staff.  We will be hiring 3 staff members and one intern.  The staff members will be making minimum wage and the intern will be making slightly above minimum wage.  We will also be covering their expenses to go on a short term mission trip to assist in running a sports camp in Scotland, Ontario and covering their expenses to go to Camp on the Rock in August.  Each staff member's total costs are $2,200 and the intern's costs are $2,300.

COTB this year will consist of one week at the sports camp in Scotland, one week at Camp on the Rock, two weeks of COTB at Immanuel and three weeks of youth and community events at Immanuel.

God is good!  All the time!  As of June 15th, we have received $7,500 and we have $1,300 promised by the end of July.  We are almost at our goal. Thank you to all who have already supported this program.

Since the fundraising began, we have made a decision to hire another staff member for a total of 4 staff members and one intern this summer. We will continue to be fundraising these expenses during the month of June.  Would you be willing to sponsor a staff member or the intern?  If you wish to sponsor, please mark on your envelope or the pew envelope COTB!  You can also donate on our website, click on Give!  Thank you for considering sponsoring this ministry!  If you have any questions or concerns about this ministry or the fundraising please speak to Hannah Fairbanks or Elizabeth Marsh.