God made the universe and everything that’s good. He designed you with all your unique gifts and abilities. He loves you and wants you to have a relationship with Him. He invites you to join with Him in His work of bringing healing to the world.  

This is fantastic news! And it gives our lives so much meaning! 


But here’s the bad news: all of us have done things that are outside of God’s desire for us. If we’re honest with ourselves we know that there is something wrong with us and with our world. 

The Bible calls this sin and says: Everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. (Rom 3:23) It also says that Creation “groans” in its brokenness. (Rom 8:22)

Because everything about God is good and beautiful and right, sin is like a wall built up between us and Him. 

What can we do about it? Nothing.

The Good News

But wait… here’s the good news - God can!  In fact, He already did. He broke down that wall by sending Jesus, his only Son to take the punishment for every wrong thing we’ve done, and to start the process of healing the world’s brokenness. 

This cost a lot – Jesus died for our sins so we don’t have to. Then God brought Him back to life and invites us to live a new kind of life with Him that starts now and goes on forever! 

The Bible says: Christ suffered for our sins once for all time. He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring you safely home to God. (1 Peter 3:18)

It also says: God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. (Eph 2:8-9)


Talk to God

How can we get close to God and become part of His family? 

The Bible says: To all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. (John 1:12)

You can talk to God (some people call this prayer). You might want to say something like this: 

Dear God, thank you for creating me and loving me. I’m sorry for thinking and doing things that are opposed to You and Your design for my life. Please forgive me. Thank you that Jesus took my punishment for me. I accept Him as my Saviour. I choose to follow Him now and live for Him every day. Thank you for making me your child. I’m all yours, now and forever! 

Jesus said in John 5:24: whoever hears my word, and believes him who sent me, has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.

Are You Sure?

This all sounds too good to be true. What does God want from us?  

He wants us to be sorry for the wrong we’ve done and ask Him to forgive us. 

He wants us to trust Him, love Him, believe what He says is true, and choose to follow Him.  

He wants to adopt us into His family and help us become the amazing people he created us to be! 

He wants us to participate with Him in His work of bringing healing to our world, to those He has placed around us. 

Don't Stop

Now that you’ve started talking with God, don’t stop! 

Whenever you do something wrong, ask Him to forgive you and help you do the right thing. He will. He is very close and will never leave you. 

The Bible says: If we confess our sins to God, he can always be trusted to forgive us and take our sins away. (1 John 1:9)

It also says: Be sure of this: I am with you always. (Matthew 28:20)